Painting Creative Sessions

The creative painting workshops for adults (and children from 10-12 years old) take place in sessions of one or more half days and aim to reveal the creativity of the participants. Through observation of the environment, analysis of existing works, understanding of key markers and confidence building, each person will find invaluable resources that will open the doors to their creativity.

The Adult Painting Creative Sessions take place at the NiQo Workshop in Dübendorf. They are open to adults and children from 10-12 years old of all levels. No knowledge of painting is required.

How a workshop is run :

  • identification of works that inspire the participants (in a selection of books or among the works of NiQo exhibited at the workshop)
  • be inspired to create your own composition (this step can be free or guided)
  • choose your colors and canvas
  • paint (free or guided) your work on canvas (about 50cm x 70cm)

At the end of the workshop (or later depending on drying needs), the participant has his own painting at home.

The registration fee is CHF 100 per person, including materials. A discount of 10CHF per person is granted to members of the same family (offers cannot be combined). Contact me before registering if you wish to benefit from this offer.

Registration is open for a maximum of 6 places per workshop.

List of Upcoming Sessions

Photos of Previous Workshops

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4 thoughts on “Painting Creative Sessions

  1. These workshops are a real opportunity for me to get away from it all and be able to express your creativity while being a novice in painting. A real opportunity to have a good time with art lovers and artists like niqo who always has great advice.

  2. I participate to these workshop once a month and I truly appreciate this time spent on creativity, thinking of nothing but colours, brushes. It empties your mind and have positive effect on your mood! Nico is always there to guide, without imposing, giving new ideas when needed, in a very subtle and non invasive way. This is « his touch ». Time goes really fast during these workshops where you also connect with great people, listen to music, eat a piece of cake… enjoying this me-moment. I can only recommend it. My 14yo daughter also joins from time to time and she loves it as well. Just give it a try! No talent is necessary: acryl painting allows everything, there is no error. Trust Nico

  3. Very often we do not know how creative we are and what creativity can bring in our life. The Niqo’s atelier is a bubble of oxygen for the brain. With the palette of colors and Niqo’s guidance you will discover the talent hidden in you. Do not hesitate any longer…

  4. J’ai eu l’occasion de faire un atelier avec Niqo. C’était la premiere fois que je faisais un tableau avec de la peinture acrylique. Ce fut un veritable moment de bonheur. Niqo nous aide à nous lancer, donne plein de conseils et nous guide pas à pas. L’ambiance est bienveillante et c’est un moment ou l on déconnecte complètement . Ca fait un bien fou! On ne voit pas le temps passer. C’est également l’occasion de rencontrer d’autres artistes et de faire de belles rencontres. Niqo est une personne généreuse qui sait créer une atmosphère apaisante , calme ou chacun se sent bien. Alors n’hésitez plus! Merci Niqo!

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