Les 1001 couleurs – Drawing Creative Workshops

“Les 1001 Couleurs” creative workshops are intended for children from 6 to 15 yo (corresponding in Lycée Français de Zürich from CP to 3ème classes) and take place over a semester, according to the calendar set by the LFZ. Through observation of the environment, analysis of existing works, understanding of key markers and confidence building, each child will find invaluable resources that will open the doors to their creativity.

The workshops take place in a warm and serene atmosphere. They start after class (Monday at 3:45 or 5:00 pm or Tuesday at 3:45 pm) and last one around hour.

Atelier sur le thème de Miro
Workshop about Miro

I pick up the group at the end of school in front of the LFZ and bring them back at the end of the workshop to the same location (except at 6:00 pm) so that parents can pick up their children or they can start another HTS activity at the Lycée (at the moment, it is impossible for the child to take a shuttle after the workshop) – NiQo’s Studio is a 5 minute walk from the Lycée and there are no roads to cross.

Workshops are built around the following axes:

  • learning to identify and use different drawing techniques
  • discovering new media
  • making sketches or drawings of one’s ideas and learning to appreciate the work done (welcoming one’s creativity, developing goodwill and positive thinking)
  • interacting to feed one’s creativity with that of others

Themes will be as follow :

  • first workshop Monday or Tuesday from 3:45 to 5:00 pm (CP to CM2): imaginary universes, basic drawing techniques, learning about collaborative creativity 
  • second workshop Monday from 5:00 pm to 6:00 pm (CM1-CM2-College): reinforcement of the basics of drawing, exploration of advanced construction techniques, basics of story telling for comics or manga

Listening, understanding and positivism are the key value of “La Fabrique de Souvenirs” in NiQo’s Studio

Registration costs 300 CHF per child for the semester, including materials. As for the internal activities of the LFZ, children are invited to bring their own snacks. Registration is open to a maximum of 10 children in order to guarantee a high quality of supervision.

List of upcoming sessions

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4 thoughts on “Les 1001 couleurs – Drawing Creative Workshops

  1. Bonjour,
    Est il possible d’inscrire mes 2 enfants de 5 et 6 ans ( MS et CP) les lundi, ou vous ne prenez pas celui de moyenne section?

    1. Bonsoir,
      Malheureusement j’accepte les enfants à partir de 6 ans donc vous ne pouvez pas inscrire le plus petit.

  2. Hello, our two kids are at LFZ, one is 6 and the other one is 8. Would love for the 8 year old to do drawing/painting but we just signed up for HORT on Monday and Tuesday until end of school year. Are you going to do something over upcoming holidays(summer, spring)? If not, for next year, is it also going to be Monday (so that I plan HORT on other days). Are sessions at LFZ? Many thanks, Olga

    1. Hello Olga,
      I will contact you personally to give you all the details.
      Thanks a lot for your interest !

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