Wellness Art Sessions

Améliorer son bien-être grâce à la pratique artistique
Sessions en Français à Zürich

After a move, during a family or professional transition, or simply when you feel the need, it is sometimes necessary to reconnect with yourself, learn and listen to your emotions and release tensions.

Wellness Art Sessions - NiQo Kunsatelier
Photo by Alena Koval

Art, as a wellness practice, has a powerful impact on health and well-being, and is the perfect tool to guide you towards a more serene life.

During the session we offer people to work we the activity they prefer :

  • Music
  • Painting
  • Drawing
  • Collages
  • Writing
  • Body language

Through art, you’re back “here and now” and you learn to trust yourself.

No artistic skills needed. I will be very pleased to meet you for a first contact !

The sessions, in FRENCH, take place in my atelier :
NiQo KunstAtelier / Riedgarten 1 in Dübendorf (CH-8600)
Each session lasts approximatively 2h
For more info and prices, please contact me using the button below.