Team Building and Private Events

Suitable for small professional teams, evenings with colleagues, families wishing to spend a creative moment together !

A team building event ? A birthday party? Wether you need an activity for a corporate or private occasion, private group events at NiQo Arts Studio and Gallery provide the perfect setting to bring your group together.

A painting event allows you to talk to each other and be creative while producing something you can be proud of. Individually, but as a group as well.

Team Building and Private Events by NiQo
Team Building and Private Events at NiQo Arts Studio, Dübendorf

From beginners to experimented participants, workshops are suitable for all levels and leave a souvenir piece of art to take home or display in your office.

A private session takes place in my Studio in Dübendorf (Zürich), can be in English, French or German, and lasts about 3 hours with 2 to 8 participants*. Before the session, we discuss the concept with the person who organize the event. A private session costs 100 CHF/p. material included (unless otherwise specified)

* for bigger groups or other locations, please contact me to discuss the possibilities and receive a special quote

Event Types

Whatever your group or objective, we have an activity for you:

  • Private Creative Workshop
    based on usual Creative Workshops organized at NiQo Studio and Gallery, each participant creates freely its own painting, guided by NiQo
  • Puzzle Painting
    a Workshop in which each creation is a part of a big picture. All paintings are stand alone (each participant keeps his creation at home) but the global result can be saved and displayed on computers background for instance. The perfect activity to work on collaboration and coordination.
  • Common Painting (+price of the extended canvas)
    a big canvas on which all participant paint together ! A great challenge that gives a lot of satisfaction. Perfect for families with young kids or a small team that seeks to display a unifying work on the walls of the company. Why not represent the founding values of the group or family members !
  • Ukulele manufacturing (+55 CHF/p.)
    it’s always fun and surprising to paint on something else than a canvas. In 3 hours, we can make illustrations on a kit Ukulele we pre-build for you. At the end, each participant goes with a unique and personalised music instrument !
  • Your Own concept
    you have an idea, made something great in another country and you don’t fin it here in Zürich ? Do not hesitate to contact us and share you idea. We can probably make it possible !

Why choose NiQo Arts Studio for your professional events

I’ve worked 15 years as Project Manager for great creative companies like Rolex and IWC Schaffhausen. This experience allowed me to understand the need to collaborate despite our differences and art is an excellent way to reveal the strengths of each person, which used together make the strength of the group.

In a group, there is a leader, a person who anticipates, an actor who observes and acts at the last moment. There are those who want to be free, those who need precise instructions. Those who want responsibility, those who don’t. And so on.

When you know your team and respect the values and needs of each person in it, it becomes stronger. Creative. Efficient.

With Team Building Events at NiQo Arts Studio, bring your team to next level.

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