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Christmas PopUp in Zürich

An Eco-Luxury Fashion and Art collaboration

If the health situation permits, we organize a day dedicated to art and sustainable fashion🎨👜.⠀

With the collaboration of the Eco-Luxury brand Rive Claire (@RiveClaire) , we will welcome you on Saturday, December 12th (10:00-16:00) in a warm Christmas atmosphere⭐️🎄⭐️. You will be able to discover eco handbags and great paintings, while tasting a delicious mulled wine. 🤗⠀

I will also paint LiVe and the result will be auctioned to the benefit of the association (Auction page here).
A wonderful live show 😊🎨⠀

Find all the program in the post and don’t hesitate to contact us if you have questions. ⠀

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Atelier Créatif Adultes

Le prochain Atelier Créatif Adulte est planifié le samedi 07 Novembre de 08:30 à 11:30 à l’Atelier de NiQo à Dübendorf. Il est ouvert aux adultes et enfants à partir de 12 ans de tous niveaux. Pas besoin de connaissances en peinture. Le thème de cet atelier est :

“Créer son oeuvre aux couleurs de Matisse”

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M.A.D.S. – BreakOut 2020

This summer I took part of the great exhibition “Breakout 2020” organized by the M.A.D.S. gallery in Milano. The concept of the exhibition can be summarized in the following words :

M.A.D.S. launches the “BREAKOUT” project to find a new beginning with the artists, looking to the future, aiming at experimentation and the potential of technology. A research that starts from a careful analysis of marketing strategies, where what matters is knowing how to emerge and turn your ideas into a product.

M.A.D.S. website
Les Gorges de la Création by NiQo
Les Gorges de la Création by NiQo

It was my first experience out of Switzerland boundaries and it was vers pleasant to work with the team. It was very interesting too to exhibit a virtual version of my painting “Les Gorges de la Création”

Review of the painting by the Art Curator Art curator Federica D’Avanzo :

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NiQo is Official

Today, I’m proud to announce that NiQo is a Company based in Switzerland. This gives you the warranties you need when you invest in an Artwork. I’m really happy to start this new adventure with you !

In the coming days or week, I will launch a “custom artwork” offer in the Zürich Area. If you’re interested in a custom made painting that fit your home colors, stay tuned ! You’re in the right place.

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