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Multicolore – 3rd Anniversary

Let’s celebrate together NiQo Studio’s 3rd Anniversary during the MULTICOLORE event on Saturday, 7th October !

Welcome to the MULTICOLORE event at NiQo Arts Studio and Gallery ! To celebrate the Studio 3rd Anniversary, we put all colors in the spotlight. After the back-to-school rush, filling up on beautiful colors is a way to revitalize and energize yourself to welcome autumn with determination.

Multicolore by NiQoi

Once again, at NiQo Studio and Gallery, we want to we want to promote local artisanship and production. Alongside our long-standing partners, we are delighted to share this event with new designers and craftsmen. From stunning paintings to unique jewelry, from colorful shoelaces to children’s items, from french croissants to local delights, the MULTICOLORE event offers something that suites every taste. And once again we don’t forget book lovers !

Join us, step inside, explore, and let the vibrant colors inspire you to begin the new season with a burst of creativity.

Saturday, 7th October
10 a.m.-8 p.m.
NiQo Arts Studio and Gallery
Riedgarten 1, 8600 Dübendorf, ZH

10 AM
DOORS OPEN with Briochou’s delights

11 AM
Colors through the pages by Car-Hibou
Marie-Agnès will present colorful books related to all the activities represented… what a program!

2 PM
L’enfance colorée, a story by Titoudou
A workshop where Carine tells a story with a little character who changes color according to his emotion

3 PM
Wonders of the multicolored Quartz family by My Little Garnet
Frédérique will make your discover the wonders of the quartz family: amethyst, citrine, rock crystal…

4 PM
Colors and tips for your shoes and sneakers by Petit détail
Among other things, Solenn will show us the “triangle technique” she invented to easily change the laces on her leather shoes, as well as a way of lacing her sneakers so that the laces are well positioned.

4 PM
Understanding color mixing by NiQo
Today’s market offers a wide range of color choices. But did you know that you can create your own shades of color from just 5 pots of paint?

6 PM
Aperol Spritz and gourmet treats by Lili


Multicolore by NiQo
Multicolore by NiQo
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