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Book signing – Charlotte Léman

Newcomer in the world of the feel good book, Charlotte Léman has the particularity to introduce a small acidulous note in her books.

The one about the lemons that Clémence will have to make into a dessert, while bitterness is lurking for this charming woman that life was pampering until the divorce-surprise that falls on her… Or the one that discreetly peels off the pretty “icing” covering the couple of the too sweet Claire, enlightened on the delicious imposture in which her young life is indulging… by reading a good book, this remedy to all ills!

Charlotte Léman - Copyrights: © D. R.
Charlotte Léaman – Copyrights : © D. R.

In short, if love, emotions and the quest for harmony are the tender and lively material of these novels, their vivacity and their taste for challenge make them great companions for this fall!

We are happy, at NiQo Arts Studio and Gallery, to offer you the opportunity to meet the author to whom you owe these good times!

Book Signing Carlotte Léman at NiQo's Studio

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