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M.A.D.S. – BreakOut 2020

This summer I took part of the great exhibition “Breakout 2020” organized by the M.A.D.S. gallery in Milano.

The concept of the exhibition can be summarized in the following words :

M.A.D.S. launches the “BREAKOUT” project to find a new beginning with the artists, looking to the future, aiming at experimentation and the potential of technology. A research that starts from a careful analysis of marketing strategies, where what matters is knowing how to emerge and turn your ideas into a product.

M.A.D.S. website
Les Gorges de la Création by NiQo
Les Gorges de la Création by NiQo

It was my first experience out of Switzerland boundaries and it was vers pleasant to work with the team. It was very interesting too to exhibit a virtual version of my painting “Les Gorges de la Création”

Review of the painting by the Art Curator Art curator Federica D’Avanzo :

Art enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time”
(Thomas Merton)

NiQo is a French artist who lives in Switzerland. Over the years he has practiced different arts.
Painting for the artist is much more than just art. It is a social act that helps people to know themselves
and others. Art, in all its manifestations, is the highest human expression of creativity and fantasy, and
it is the only moment that allows man to externalize his own interiority. It’s emotion, need, desire.
For Kandinsky, a work is beautiful when it “comes from an inner psychic need”, which becomes an
expression of the artist’s individuality. But the work of art is also “daughter of his time”, and
expression of universal values that escape the transience of time. In the work “Les Gorges de la
Création”, the artist recounts his gaze of the world front, another dimension of his mind. The work
depicts a naturalistic subject, imposing and majestic with bright colour. A reinterpretation of romantic
nature in a contemporary key. Caspar David Friedrich was the first German painter to enter the full
climate of “romanticism”. Famous are its immense landscapes characterized by the almost total
absence of the human figure, in those few cases in which the man is present, is always represented with
shoulders and small dimensions compared to the context. Friedrich considered the natural landscape
a divine work. These landscapes by Friedrich are not only a representation of the spectacle of nature,
but also serve to highlight how small man is compared to nature itself. Even in the work created by
NiQo, the artist chooses to depict nature motionless and alone, to symbolize its most powerful
expressive charge of all humanity and all its inner self, opening to the viewer and the world.

“The principles of true art is not to portray, but to evoke”
(Jerzy Kosinski)

Federica D’Avanzo

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