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M.A.D.S. – Yellow 2022

This spring I take part of the great exhibition “Yellow 2022” organized by the M.A.D.S. gallery in Milano and Fuerteventura. There’s a gallery in the Metaverse too !

The concept of the exhibition can be summarized in the following words :

Every man on this Earth is born naked and free, there are no limits in human nature: it is social conventions, moral and legal laws that direct the human being to a certain type of behavior. Each of us has a great capacity for expression but often the human being in the course of history has been deprived of this freedom …

M.A.D.S. website

It’s my second experience out of Switzerland boundaries and it was vers pleasant to work with the team.

Yellow by NiQo
Yellow by NiQo

Art Curator Art curator Federica D’Avanzo said about NiQo :

For him, making art means opening the door to the otherworldly dimension, to the deepest emotions and the most instinctive part of the human being. In the moment of painting, he finds a fulfillment of his aspiration and achieves a noble place that allows him to live in accordance with his own nature. His paintings have an abstract aspect and rely on the use of geometry as an ally of nature and archetypal thought. The relationship between the artwork and its title is fundamental to this artist’s practice, the way she chooses to call the work improper from a direct point of view and clearly indicates how to look at the painting. Although art is of free interpretation, the authors reserve the right to point a way, to determine a specific point of view from which to consider the image through their own personal senses and history. In this way, the viewer has the possibility of entering with both feet into the intellectual process of those who conceived and produced the work of art, thus entering into connection with what was moved first and foremost by the artist’s reflection. Thus an image of undulating yellow oysters on a black background clearly becomes the idea of the spirit of the forest, dancing among the cracks in the bark or making its way as dawn breaks with its light among the dense trees, leaving the sensation of being witnesses to a mysterious and magical happening that we could not have tasted in any other way than through art.

Federica D’Avanzo

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