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Car-Hibou (French) Club

Car-Hibou is organizing its first book club evenings and one of these evenings takes place here, at NiQo’s Studio and Gallery ! Let’s meet to get to know each other’s and chat about a book and eat some sweeties !

Car-Hibou at NiQo
Car-Hibou at NiQo

For this first meeting, we propose you to read “Le sourire contagieux des croissants au beurre” (here’s a link to order it on Car-Hibou’s website : clic here )
We can’t wait to meeting you!


Free event, but on registration only because there’s only 10 places !

Wednesday 11th May 2022
NiQo Arts Studio and Gallery
Riedgarten 1, 8600 Dübendorf
19:30 - 21:30

Registration by email at or whatsApp (079 212 14 87)
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